Monday 16 January 2012


Also gonna do this with Stanley Kubrik as well.
Lots of red and quick cuts to related scenes/objects that aren't acknowledged in the main comic cells.

strange colours and the monolift.

EXPERIMENT: Wes Anderson.

A running joke in our house that we all speak and act with the indifference and odd (sometimes abrupt) sentences. I got really excited about applying this to comics. I'm going to do more research into the films of director Wes Anderson to gather more features to replicate. I'm also going to apply his sense of composition and colour palette which i've always loved.
I'm really excited about this and can see lots of opportunities.
I think it's quite and challenge to get across that the characters look expressionless and indifference on purpose not from lack of skill when portraying emotion.


New experiment. Also a story that i wrote after one evening in my student house. I thought it would make a good basic starting point for experiments in form and style. Possibly structure.

I went on to start story boarding it roughly....

Structure and Colour