Wednesday 2 May 2012

EXPERIMENT: COLOUR: Connotations and abstracting to the absolute further...

'In just a glance, colour defines things in a viewer's mind before they have a chance to interpret words or images. It can even change the meaning of an image or a word entirely.' (Marks, 2006: p9)

Still working with the absolute and abstraction, I've started looking into colour. From research and previous knowledge, different colours have many different meanings. Most people have similar connotations attached to certain colours. 
So it's about the context a lot of the time.

Using research in the context of turning my story 'The Cats's Dead', i've used some common associations of certain colours.
Pale blue: calm, uncertain, underlining sadness
Increasing Grey: sorrow, somber
Pale yellow, nerves, anxious, slight worry
The darker blues: sad, loss
Greeny greys: calm sadness with increasing sadness
Light red: tinge of anger
Dark red: strong feeling, sudden, anger moment...more specifically in the case of this story it is the abrupt statement laced with accusation.
The shades of purple: confusion, slight questioning, worry is present.
Turning to grey: nerves turning to sorrow
I really like the idea of doing this to stories. I'm not sure how well the viewers will get the emotions unless you explained the context, due to the number of connotations each colour can have. But it's an interesting idea non-the-less...

What came first our associations with the colour, take bright green, as 'go' because of it's use representing 'go' or us thinking it was 'go' before. It's a circle. What caused it...?
In some cases it's more obvious like green also being 'the environment/environmental', which makes sense as the physical thing is mostly green.
But with feelings and emotional representations it's a bit more to do with psychology. Where did those preconceptions come from...? I'm going to go completely of point if i look further into this. I just thought it was interesting.

Anyway i think abstraction has gone as far as it should for this project's timescale. When you get to the point of just drawing coloured boxes i think it may be time to move on...

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