Sunday 6 May 2012


This is the director where i think the story fits most. The indifference, not much happening, insight into people's lives synonymous with Wes Anderson films.
So beginning with the typeface used...Futura; used in most of his films for the credits, title, chapter in films text on screen. Usually i always want to hand render my type but i felt in a case where the director has a font associated with them i had to use it.
The colour scheme, muted and also bright bold colours (teals and ochres) that feature so nicely in the cinematography of a Wes film. (one of my favourite thing about his films...)
I also did the cells in the narrow shape to match the narrow with black border framing his films always have.

The first cell is a homage to the focus on a significant gesture used in his films. (The Royal Tenenbaums) and the many times he films from the above, centred items below.
Framing of characters, the symmetry! The decore, wallpaper and attention to detail to explain who the characters are. (Rushmore) 
Faces at despairing moments. Framed like the third cell. (Fantastic Mr Fox)
Indifference, emotionless.
Repetition of the same place, the same shot, fits well with the point of the samey-ness of life the story is talking about.
character moving around in the same space.
Characters in the same arrangement but somewhere else, with the same expressions.
Close up when introducing/meeting and explaining new characters.
More preoccupation with symmetry.
More focus on small gestures.

I also did a version with a black background for visual purposes. I think it probably looks nicer like this? More fitting with the movie feel?...

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