Sunday 6 May 2012


EYES! A common use for an insight into the character and their emotions. Extreme close up of eyes.
Framed characters as introduction to them, who they are, how they are feeling.
Flashing images, sudden, often red. Abrupt. Disturbing. I thought laughing faces was appropriate for both this and the story i'm trying to tell itself.
Crazy colours. Sequences of them.
Red face.
'Social surrealism' The room, meet the characters, who they are by how they live. Kubrik often uses images like stills in his films (A Clockwork Orange). A fan of 'a painting is worth 1000 words.'
Sequences. The long shot. Often Kubrik uses, and is famous for, using really long continuos shots throughout the same space where many things can happen or be explained. So i did the same. (The Shining).
Red image.
Extreme close up of eye for new character.
Social surrealism again. You meet joe, a still explaining joe by what he is doing, what his surrounding are.

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